“YOU ARE ENOUGH indicates that we see and acknowledge something special within ourselves…Some sort of greatness. The ability to do something amazing with all of this enoughness sits right inside of you, welling up, waiting for you to embrace it and let things spew over and pour out and overflow.

With breath still in our lungs, let’s make sure these lives we live matter. Let us live and love and give. And, friend, with every ounce of being inside you, give all you have. Because all you have, is ENOUGH.”

-Brooke Buffington, Ridiculousness: A Guide to Everything from an Expert on Nothing

Whether you’re hosting a fancy soiree or a special event or you’re planning a full-on How I Met Your Mother style intervention for your roomate’s caffeine addiction, Brooke would love to come celebrate and motivate your people.

Browse through the talk topics outlined below to find the best fit for your village. And if you have something on your heart that’s not listed here, reach out to Brooke to chat about a specific topic that would best serve your crew.