We all have a favorite Disney Park, don’t we? Mine has changed through the years. But, for quite some time, Epcot has held its’ place of honor at the tippety top of my list. I can now say with great joy and elation, that Epcot is both of my kids’ favorite too. And that might not be an easy discernment to make on your own, since I’ve essentially blogged about every other Disney Park except this one. But, I’ll just state the obvious and say that I saved the best for last. So, without further adieu, settle in for about two whole minutes and consider yourself hashtag blessed to read about three things we love about Epcot.

Also, listen. . .I know I said three. But if you don’t count, you won’t notice there are 4-and-a-half things on this list.

The food.
Does this even come as a surprise? Have you ever even been to Epcot? Because if you have, then you know. And if you know, you know. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything bad here. Or even sub-par. It’s always been great. From desserts to drinks, Epcot’s food is the best. The bee’s knees. The bomb dot com. If I were a local, I might just show up for dinner from time to time. I mean, I’d probably have to ride the Gran Fiesta while I was there. But, only after dinner. Because priorities.

The photo ops.
Epcot honestly has the most beautiful scenery (I mean, aside from Animal Kingdom), which naturally makes for the best photo ops. We visited Mexico and Morocco and China and Japan (quite possibly the little Buffs’ fave). We danced through Norway and Germany. We sat and sipped and dined in Italy and France. The views were as endless as the options. And the moments were plenty.

The shopping.
I don’t know about you, but I have somehow raised a couple of shoppers. I don’t know how or why or when this happened. It’s likely genetic, but that’s yet to be fully determined. Like it or not, it is what it is. And it’s who we are. I mean, they are. Like their mama, these two love a good store and a unique find and a random souvenir…or twenty. As one would imagine, a place like Epcot is just the place to find all the unique things. And I can assure you they were found. Because we went in EVERY. SINGLE. SHOP.

The food.
Did we talk about food already? I feel like I need to bring it up again. Because we had beer (by we, I mean me). We had coffee and macarons and frappes and sodas and pasta and cookies and candy and other desserts I can’t even pronounce. We ate and we were happy and the Lord saw that it was good.

Really, what we love most about Epcot is the open invitation to explore. This park is where our two shined. This is where we laughed the most, where we danced down the streets, where the OOOHHHHS and AAAAHHHHHS and WOWS and YUMS happened. We were only here one day. We arrived when it opened and left when it closed. We were literally some of the last to leave. We could’ve spent multiple days in this park. But, like all of our adventures, we did what we could with what we had.

Epcot surprised me. Especially with how much my crew loves it. Because, honestly, E-town isn’t home to the most epic rides, but for us, it’s home to the most epic fun. And as we live our lives together, intentionally focusing on the moments that come and the memories we can make, fun is bound to follow. Because the magic is what we make it.