Though things are still magical at Magic Kingdom during Covid, there are a few differences you might want to note before visiting. So, like any other enneagram 3 on the internet, I just want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible and at the same time encourage you to have a good time. So, here’s a little guide to Magic Kingdom during Covid:

There are no Fastpasses.

But I didn’t mind. The spontaneous gal inside of me was able to go with the flow. We didn’t stress over getting to a specific ride at a specific time. We didn’t have to check the app constantly to stick to a certain schedule. We just did what we wanted when we wanted, took lots of snack breaks, soaked in some quality time, and went with the flow of the day.

There are no magic hours.

But I liked it that way. This was the best Disney trip I remember. And there have been a lot of Disney trips. I attribute the greatness and ease of this trip to a lot of things, but I think the amount of sleep we got on this trip is worth noting as one of the main contributors to the greatness. We stayed on property so we were close to all of the parks, but since there are no magic hours at this time, we didn’t feel pressured to wake up early when it’s still dark outside to get the most out of our day and money.

Parades still exist.

The parades and calvacades are all drive-bys and unannounced. We liked the surprises of seeing the characters when we least expected. And we seemed to see one every time we stopped for a snack or meal.

Most (if not all) Quick Service dining is mobile order and pick up.

This cuts down on waiting in lines. You can place the food order and pay on the app when you’re in line or wherever and just check in when you’re ready to pick up your food.

Snack time is mask break time.

You can eat in a stationary place physically distanced from other folks…Otherwise, masks on. There are benches all around the parks. Note that even in outdoor dining sections, some tables are blocked off to create additional distancing. And don’t forget you can bring food in the park. I surprised the kids with a few small, fun snacks. Dollar Tree and Dolla Gentral came in clutch with some Toy Story gummies and Frozen cookies and some very un-themed but much appreciated beef jerky and snack mix.

Dole whips are plentiful.

Yep, still talking about food. Always with the Dole Whips though. And they’re just as scrumptious as ever. I highly recommend you eat one everyday. We did.

The lines look longer, but it’s a mirage.

The lines whip around every-which-way outside. While this may be different than what you may have been used to, it doesn’t mean the wait time is longer. There will be a cast member holding a sign displaying the wait time and directing the line. And if lines wrap around inside, in many spots, there are walls of plexiglass separating folks.

All the rows in splash mountain do not splash equally.

The second row is the ultimate splash zone. No one told me this. I had to learn from experience. So I’m telling you now. You’re welcome.

Jungle cruise was a cruise.

It was more like a gospel music cruise with your grandparents…not a party boat. But, you know, it’s just the way pandemic life is. The jokes were still funny, the glimmer of magic was still there, but the high level of interaction we usually experience on the Jungle Cruise can’t be executed safely right now, so  I just felt the cheesy junglely epicness was a bit lost.

It’s a Small World is still just as inspirational as always.

Despite the Jungle Cruise being the one ride where I noticed things aren’t quite what they used to be, Magic Kingdom during Covid is still just as magical. It’s a Small World is a beautiful representation of life and what is and what could be. It’s colorful and inspirational and gave me all the feels. So, I took photos and talked about it endlessly and now I leave you with this for probably at least the hundredth time: Life is hard and good and perilous and beautiful. This world is small yet vast and so unbelievably unpredictable. The magic is what you make it.