I get caught in the comparison trap.
But not what you’re thinking.
Those Pinterest moms, they’re not fueling my fire.
It’s all self-inflicted.
Because of insane expectations.
My OWN expectations.
Of how I should act and parent and look.
Of how I should grieve and speak out and how fun I should be.
And I seem to fall short.
Every damn time.

Do you ever do that too?
Do you doubt your own funness or question the woman you see yourself becoming or set expectations for yourself it seems you’ll never meet?

I get it.
Y’all, we out here.
In these trenches of life and motherhood.
And it’s hard.
I see you.

But do you know what else I see?
If I squint really, really, really hard, I can see balance.
Maybe the Warrior 3 kind of balance.
Maybe the cupcake and salad for dinner kind of balance.
You get to choose.
Either way, balance. . .of expectation and acceptance and reality and grace.

I don’t want to be the mom that sits on the sidelines.
But also, sometimes I DO.
I do want to sit on the sidelines.
And watch.
Because I’m tired and I just want to lay in my lawn chair with a good book and soak up the sun and let them be kids.

My charge to you (and myself) is to be gentle. Have some fun, make some killer memories and get some rest. It’s not one or the other. Show your own self grace. Grace like you would your dearest friend. Purposefully seek out your own recipe of balance, and throw in some hefty doses of love and acceptance.

And while you’re at it, keep spreading the love.
Far and wide.
As far as our eyes can see.
And even where they can’t.

Demonstrate grace.
Walk in humility.
Live for justice.
Be kind.