Recipe Wednesday is here in all its’ glory!
We Buffs don’t like to see anything go to waste, and I noticed we had a couple of bananas going pretty dark, so homegirl and I jumped into action and browsed PInterest and stumbled on an easy, delicious Dark Chocolate Chip Banana Bread recipe!

This is a simple grain-free recipe using coconut flour. And while we followed the recipe pretty closely, we did just one really, really important thing differently:
We added a heaping handful of dark chocolate chips to the batter once everything was mixed in.

Just look at little girl’s face. I mean, isn’t this the way we should all look at banana bread?

I ate my banana bread warm, straight out of the oven, with a cup of hot coffee. But, I must admit…I’ve also had a slice (or two) cold from the fridge. Yummy any way you slice it (or eat it).

To make this deliciousness for yourself, head on over to Mom Eats Paleo for the full recipe!

Peace and blessings and namaste and all that jazz,