As I sit here next to a cup of black coffee with an empty banana peel on my desk, I am thinking about food. You see, some of my dear friends and I were slightly inspired by Jen Hatmaker’s craziness genius and have officially embarked on a “7” challenge of sorts. This week is…you guessed it…food. So while I’m limited to some kale and sweet potatoes and avocados, I found myself casually browsing through some irresistible food photos from our little excursion to Washington, DC back in December. And now, here I am writing about it. So, there’s that.

You guys, I know there are a lot of things to eat in DC. A lot. We ate our share of both delicious and mediocre fair on our travels, but there are a few things that really stuck out to me. Things that make my tummy grumble as I plan to sautee another batch of kale. In fact, if you make no other priorities, and even if you don’t care for any of the monuments and historical learny things, I suggest you eat. And eat well. Because you’ll walk about 14,249 miles. And (according to me) in this particular episode of the hunger games, there are three things you absolutely MUST eat in Washington, DC.

First things first. I feel like everyone we know told us to stop at Ted’s. It’s like my friends know I like dessert or something. And we have been known to give into peer pressure a time or two, so we found ourselves in a little slice of Heaven. Pop tarts, you guys. Who needs eggs and fruit or bagels for breakfast? Ted’s Bulletin hosts the true breakfast of champions. Whether you’re a sprinkly, fruity kind of person or not, you won’t regret a stop at Ted’s.

The total number of pop tarts you devour will obviously determine your next meal. But, make sure you save some room, because not only is the fish market a great spot for people-watching and chatting up some locals, those fisher-folks cook up some great goodies on the spot. Steamed or fried. Soup or fish or hush puppies or crab. Whatever your little tummy desires.

Now that you’ve filled your need for basic, and you’ve done the right touristy thing by getting out amongst the locals and snagging some fresh seafood on the coast, we’re going to take it inland just a bit to Panas in Dupont Circle for some gourmet empanada action. But, the empanadas aren’t even the best part. I mean, they’re super yummy, but the plantain chips are ridiculous. Like, so ridiculous we bought extras to last me through the weekend!

You guys, I’m not a fancy chef and I don’t have a culinary degree, so my food recommendations…you can take them or leave them. But, if you don’t take them, you’ll 100% regret it. Just sayin’.

And as a side note, I feel like it goes without saying, but coffee. Always coffee. Now, please excuse me while I text my friends another picture of a sweet potato. And also pray.

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