We’re in the car on a long, long drive home from Washington, DC. With Brian driving, Christmas music playing, and rain falling on our windshield, I’ve settled in to browse through my photos from our little getaway.

I think Brian and I have two photos together from our entire trip to DC. We have a few of each other individually. And then we have a bunch of random photos of buildings and monuments and museums for a little show and tell with the kids that may or may not end up being a torturous Clear-Eyes-guy style power point lecture for them. Oh, well. They’ll deal. Hashtag perks of parenting.

So, here we are with twenty miles under our belt…errrr feet (I legit threw a pair of my shoes away, btw), six completely different yet equally interesting Uber rides, two yoga classes, some ridiculously delicious (and a few mediocre) meals, countless cups of coffee consumed, and not many photos to prove it.

But, that’s okay.

This trip wasn’t for a Facebook photo album. This trip wasn’t for shares or comments or likes. It wasn’t for content so I could have a few more super interesting blogs to write. It was entirely, 100%, unapologetically for us.

This trip was for experiences, for adventure, for getting out of our (my) comfort zone, for conversations without interruptions, for learning and growing. For memories. Together.

I so very much love technology and how we have so many creative outlets constantly at our fingertips. But, in the midst of our constant sharing and our documenting and liking and commenting, let’s stop and take a breath. Let’s make eye contact. Let’s drink strong coffee and eat good food. Let’s tell corny jokes and laugh until our bellies hurt. Let’s enjoy these humans we do life with.

…and you don’t even have to post about it.

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