It’s December. It’s time to do all the Christmasy things and make memories and form new traditions and drink lots of cocoa. So, if you’re anything even remotely like my family (or at least, Elle and me), soaking in all the Christmas you can involves some pretty serious Christmas light browsing. But, we don’t just do your regular ole run of the mill ride-through. We take our Christmas lights pretty serious around here. I mean, have you met Elle? She’s an extravagant holiday celebrator and the most well-known Jesus juker in Georgia. She will set you straight and you will do it right. So, when we ended up planning girly things and Christmasy things with her besties to kick off her birthday month, I couldn’t keep the epicness to myself. That would just be selfish. And at Christmas! GASP! So, this is like evangelism…but with ideas about your yearly Christmas light viewing…

Wear your pajamas. Life is just more fun in pajamas. Didn’t someone famous say that? Or is it just the Walmart in me talking? Either way, it’s dark outside. It’s Christmas time. Embrace all the cozy. You get a free pass. And if you do happen to need to run into Walmart for anything, you’re already dressed for the occasion. It’s a win-win.

Eat before you go. Maybe at home. Or…Maybe even go INTO a restaurant in said pajamas. These gals did. I mean, they tried to talk me into taking them into The Attic across the street after our pajama yoga (it’s totally a thing), but I bribed persuaded them into some fanciful Chick-Fil-A.

If you’re feeling brave, make some cocoa or coffee ahead of time and take it with you. Put it in a Thermos or a Yeti before you leave…or stop by Starbucks. If you just read the word Starbucks and you’re about to stop reading altogether because things are getting too fancy, you know what to do. You’re gonna Ozark Trail this shit. Park that car and step out under those bright lights and traipse your pajama clad booty proudly through that Walmart parking lot, walk in and get you a tumbler that will keep that cocoa warm for a solid two hours. You’ve had dinner. And come dessert time, you’ll surely need some cocoa. Make it happen. Full disclaimer: Mugs with lids are strongly encouraged. Because children. And I’m assuming your vehicle is just as fancy as my Jeep…Who’s actual name is Fancy. If you know me, then you know.

Don’t turn on the recommended radio station the venue or park or whatever suggests. Don’t even trust NSYNC for this. Listen to the Main Title from Home Alone, Somewhere in My Memory by John Williams. This is what will make your excursion over the top. Like, so many nostalgic feels that I can’t even explain. It’s magical. And in all seriousness, watching your kids be completely enthralled by something as simple as strands of blinking lights is an experience worth every bit of epicness that the right playlist can bring. (Side note: If your kids haven’t seen Home Alone and won’t even appreciate this music in the least, it looks like you’ve got some work to do, Mama.)

If you don’t know where to find the Home Alone music, you can find it on my Spotify Christmas playlist HERE, along with so many other epic Christmas musical goodies.

Friends, these babes are only little once. And silly, cheesy Christmasy things like this are only going to be magical for so long. Embrace every single bit of it. Look up from your phones. Look up from this blog. Stare at their tiny little faces, take a deep breath, and soak it all in. This life doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be memorable.

xo, Brooke

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