We like to consider ourselves a fairly adventurous family, so maybe it’s weird that we went on a cruise. We’re pretty independent and we usually like to carve our own path and do our own thing, but as the holidays begin to creep back up on us, I’m getting all feelsy and reminiscent upon simpler times. Glamorous times, if you will. Times when I could lay in the sun. Times when I could drink fruity drinks at 2pm and I didn’t have to cook meals or do dishes…

Now, the Buffs haven’t been converted into the die-hard, all-or-nothing, no other vacation even exists type cruisers, but cruising has its benefits. Many benefits that I happily embrace. So, while we may not be hopping on a boat every time we book a vacay, I have a deep love for the cruise life and I’m dreaming of another in our future. I mean, I’m living my life right now under the assumption that everyone should cruise at least once in their life. But, in the meantime…in true Christmasy fashion, here are a few of our favorite things about our recent cruise...

It’s the perfect blend of adventure and rest. A little yin and a little wild. You make it what you want. You’re confined to boat for a certain amount of time, and when you reach port, you can run free amongst the locals or do touristy things, or rest a little more and lay by a beach somewhere. But, for adventure, you MUST get off the boat. I mean, how do you think you’re going to meet the real, true, bonafide, Caribbean Santa if you just sit on the boat all day?

You don’t have to plan meals or cook or clean your own dishes from the table. Also, donuts. Can we all just agree that this point needs no further explanation?

Cruising is a family vacation and a couples retreat all in one. Cruising with a cruise line that hosts an epic kids program is what’s up. We chose MSC and have absolutely no regrets. (Shout out to Wendy, our expert travel agent!) Games and activities and shows and face painting and all the things. Our kids could spend time with us at the pool and then when they (ahem, WE) were ready, we could drop them off (safely and securely) to hang out with their newfound friends. A couple of nights, they even opted for pizza with the other kiddos instead of joining us for dinner.

This North Georgian needs an occasional sunshine break from the winter cold. Now, I’m not complaining. I love where we live. And I also get it. This ain’t no Montana winter. But, I’m pretty sure I have salt water running through my veins. My body and mind and general self just needs a warm weather break every winter if I am expected to be even remotely sane.

You get to visit multiple places without hopping on separate planes or sitting in your car for hours on end. You get to chill by the pool and eat gelato and drink fruity drinks and let your kids play basketball and make crafts, while someone else does all the work of driving and you just chill and wait to pull up and dock in Saint Marteen or Puerto Rico. No yelling in the backseat or endless are we there yet‘s. Um, yes please. WHAT EVEN IS LIFE?

You guys, we value experiences together as a family. And this cruise last year was our family Christmas gift. I know first-hand that a cruise is something that must be planned for and budgeted for, but if it’s something you can ever do with your family, GO!

And if you want to read a little more about budgeting for an epic vacay, check out the 3 part blog series I did on vacation budgeting HERE.

Keep on keepin’ on!

xo | Brooke

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