I haven’t been everywhere, but I’ve been somewhere. And all the somewheres I go, lead me somewhere else.

Sometimes, we (Georgians) overlook our somewhere. We don’t give our little state enough credit. We focus on the gnats and the mosquitos and the sticky, hot weather. We get so caught up in outside adventures and places we’ve never even been and it becomes easy to miss the beautiful coastline, the sprawling acres of pine trees, the dark gray moss hanging from ancient limbs…the canyons painted with hues of orange and pink, nestled right in the middle of nowhere…or right in the middle of our somewhere.

If you find yourself traveling through Southwest Georgia, plan on making a stop at Providence Canyon State Park,¬†where something as basic as erosion has taken on an unexpected form of beauty all its’ own. But, before you hop in your car and crank up the country music and head south, there are just a few things you need to know before visiting Providence Canyon…

It’s amazing. Like, legit beautiful. Man-made or not, it’s crazy cool to stand down in the canyon and look up at the walls of earth around you. Feeling so small, but so incredible in awe at the same time.

It’s hot. I mean, we went in the Spring. But, you guys. South Georgia. Kids will whine. Some adults may whine too. But, unless you’re going in January, expect to break a sweat. Fortunately, you’ll find lots of shade.

Pack a small backpack with water and snacks. Now, obviously, you always need water. And if you’re not hiking alone, you definitely need snacks, because if you’re parenting right, you know how to bribe your kids with yummy edible things to get them to do what you want. And even if you’re hiking without kids, what if you accidentally on purpose decide to go down some extra trails (or, ahem, the wrong trails)? No problem, if you’ve got a little extra somethin’ somethin’ in that backpack. Y’all, there are so many different trails and views inside the canyon and along the outer rim, you could literally stay busy all day.

Consider wearing shoes you can get wet. You’ll cross some puddly places and some very shallow water. Your old, stank sneakers or your sturdy hiking shoes are fine, but if you have a long drive ahead of you on the way out, or if you just want to be more comfortable, you might want to consider Chacos, or some equivalent. Open shoes will also give the kiddos more splashing liberties. Y’all know what I mean.

If you have a fancy, white, furry fru-fru dog, maybe…possibly…consider leaving him (or her) at home. Things can get messy. And by things, I mean the white dog. Photgraphic evidence to solidify my reasoning below.

So, the moral of this story, dear friends, is…Georgia is awesome. But, also, go somewhere. Do something. Appreciate where you are. Love who you’re with.

xo | Brooke

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