Sometimes, I learn things from my kids. I mean, most of the time it’s full-on, pure ridiculousness around here. But, from time to time, they teach me something. 🙂

 The other day, Jet and I were getting ready to go somewhere. My Mom-brain can’t remember exactly where we were going…and that doesn’t even matter right now…we were just going. And for whatever reason, he was filling a backpack full of goodies and things to do to bring along with him. I noticed him trying to shove this one, lone sheet of paper into his backpack, all by itself, amongst other toys and gadgets and things. Now, there was an entire stack of paper toward the back of his backpack, but for whatever reason, he was just trying to put this piece in last, and trying to fit it in whatever empty space he could find.

And that’s when it happened. My MOM moment. My short, informative, sweet, loving lecture, followed by a HOLD ON LET ME GO WRITE ALL THIS DOWN!

What I stopped to tell Jet in the midst of his packing, was that if he were to take the big stack of papers out of the back and place the single sheet with it, it would be more sturdy. That’s just like COMMUNITY, you guys!!!

So many times, we (especially Moms) tend to put ourselves last. We squeeze ourselves (or our time) in right at the last minute. But, then we end up getting crumpled up under everything else, dirty with Cheeto remnants and crayon marks at the very bottom of the backpack.

When we’re with community, like a sturdy stack of papers, we’re much more resistant to hurdles and messes. Those hurdles and messes will come, but we’re not alone. We have support. We don’t get lost in the shuffle and the hodge podge of things we’ve already crammed into that backpack. With community, we have the support and stability to withstand a little more.

Friends, there is strength and safety in numbers…even something as frail as a thin sheet of paper proves that. If you have a community, a village of people who stand beside you and behind you, who lift you up and speak truth with you need it, hold them tight and don’t ever let go.

If you’re struggling to see your worth, struggling to love yourself, or if you’re trying to commit to an exercise regimen or just an all-around healthy lifestyle, join in my little community on facebook. We’re here with open arms, messing up on the daily, rejoicing together in our successes, climbing, reaching, warrioring on, doing this life together, striving to see the beauty in everyday. I mean, we’re definitely a bit of a hot mess and we’re a little rough around the edges, but we are better and stronger TOGETHER.

 You are beautiful, you are precious, you are loved.

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