Friends, I have the inside scoop on keeping it real on vacay. And by keepin’ it real, I mean, workouts and healthy eats…all the things you do that consistently keep you feeling good, inside and out. We traveled for almost four weeks out West last Summer and I consistently worked out, so I feel like I should shed a little light on the subject. My family likes to travel a lot, and exercising and eating healthy is just a natural part of my life. So, I’m not going to leave these parts of my life behind everytime I leave my house for a few days. 

Now, I know that with a lot of you beautiful people out there, there are two extremes. Either you want to work out super hard and go all in to get this amazingly epic bikini vacation bod (what even is that anyway!? See my “What Even Is A Beachbody” post), right before you leave for the beach, and then everything goes out the window as soon vacation starts, and you eat ALL THE THINGS and you can’t seem to recover and get back on track…until next Spring and it’s 4 weeks until your beach trip and the cycle begins…again. Then there are the folks that are like, “Oh, I’m going on vacation and I really want to splurge, so I’ll just wait and get started in a good, healthy routine when I get back.” Why do we do that? Why do we put off healthy choices for ourselves? Like, what’s the downside to our bodies functioning better and feeling better every day, no matter the season? Now, I’m not saying go on your vacay and skip the donuts and workout for three hours every day. Because we all know I like my 30 minute workouts and my occasional donut and glass of wine. Not necessarily together, but, who knows…donuts and wine. Maybe I’m on to something. LOL. Anyway, I’m just saying that there’s a balance to working out and being healthy before, during, and after vacation. A full on, healthy lifestyle. Not a quick fix just for the purpose of a specific season or event or swimsuit or a certain dress. Now, I’ll digress and kindly step off my embrace the lifestyle soapbox, and get back to the real reason you’re here —> My 5 Tips for Working Out on Vacation:


  1. Set a goal. No matter what that goal might be, set one and stick to it. Maybe you want to work out three times a week, or even just twice a week, while you’re on your vacation. Maybe you’re going to be gone for two or three weeks and you want to stay pretty true to your usual schedule and go all in and work out five times a week. Whatever your goal is, set it and stick to it. Don’t compare it with others. We’re not all going to the same places, and we’re not all taking the same roads to get there. You do you.


  1. Make a plan. I mean, what even is a goal without a plan? It’s nothing. A goal without a plan is just a wish. So when you set your goal, make a plan to go with it, and then take it a step further and tell someone else about it to keep yourself accountable….which brings me to numero tres.


  1. Get your family (or whoever you’re vacationing with) on board. So, I’m about to totally rat out my husband. OOPSIE. On our big road trip out West last Summer, he actually didn’t work out with me the entire time. But he was totally 100% on board in the sense that he kept our kids busy for 30 minutes every day while I worked out. We were living that tent-camping life for a few weeks, so he was basically Superdad and made sure our little ninos didn’t end up on the edge of any cliffs or run off in the woods while I was getting my PiYo on. So, whether you get your whole entire family in on the action and they want to actually workout with you, or you just get them on board in the sense that they are responsible for children or making lunch or tidying up, it’s going to be really helpful and key to your success.


  1. Get Beachbody on Demand or subscribe to some nifty Youtube videos. You guys, this workout-streaming-magic makes sure that no matter what kind of trip I’m on or what I’m doing or what my goals are, there’s a workout I can do. I have access from my phone or laptop or Roku. With this gloriousness, I can do yoga, I can work out with Shaun T or get my dance cardio on with The Fitness Marshall (looooooove). And if I know I’m going to be somewhere without service (which happened to us quite frequently when we were out West) I can actually download workouts to my phone in advance. Hashtag blessed…? I think so.


  1. Get Connected! When you have so many workouts at your fingertips, it can get a little overwhelming. There’s SO MUCH to choose from. You guys, like SO MANY WORKOUTS. Connect with a friend or a group of friends. A little community who will chat with you about your goals and  your lifestyle and even your travel plans. I would love to get you plugged in with my little crew and help you get on the right track with your health + wellness! Join our facebook group here for tips, meal plans, accountability, and the best little community around! Also, feel free to shoot me a message with any questions you might have!

xo, Brooke

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