Now, there are all sorts of Pinterest-laced blogs out there that will give you great advice for traveling with kids. All sorts of beautiful, meaningful activities to do with your children in the car while you’re traveling. This is not one of those blogs.

We choose sanity. We choose joy. We choose life.

We choose technology.

I firmly believe that iPads are from the Lord. Like manna from heaven, these technological boxes give us hope and happiness and PEACE. 

While you’re trying to keep your children from coloring all over the freshly-cleaned seats and breaking up fights over that Lego lap pad you spent four days crafting, the Buffingtons are riding along peacefully, listening to Chris Stapleton and pondering life. Because Elle is watching Frozen for the 356th time and Jet is sitting next to her, memorizing every word of The Sandlot.

If you know us at all, you know we’re all about quality time and life experiences and making memories. We are also all about having a great time while we’re making all those memories. By maximizing technology time, we minimize arguing in the backseat. By minimizing the arguing, we heighten the moods of the entire Buffington population in the vehicle. It’s a win-win.

Judge if you must. But, we’re the ones getting out at the rest area on I-40, still smiling.

xo | Brooke

PS: If you have a sense of humor, you likely enjoyed this blog. If you’re taking me seriously, you may or may not be dialing DFACS right now. Slow your roll. In real life, we seriously limit screen time. Although, I must admit, I do use the term “limit” very loosely…

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