No matter where or when you’re camping, if you are planning on some quality time in the outdoors, there are certain things you just need. Well, if you’re me, anyway. If you’re not me, there may be some things you can live without. But, for blogging and reading and learning purposes, let’s all just pretend we’re me. K?

Camping Essentials

  1. A camera/phone. I live by the motto…take pictures first, ask questions later. I have so many embarrassing photos of my people. It’s glorious.
  2. Toilet paper. Those campground bathrooms can run out of toilet paper at a moment’s notice. Be prepared. And if you’re an entrepreneur, you can sell it to the other campers when times get tough. Or trade it for firewood or bug spray. See number 3.
  3. Bug spray. I mean, have you even seen the outdoors?
  4. First Aid kit. Someone will throw a rock at someone’s head. They will bleed. You will freak out. You will have your first aid kit handy because you read this blog. You’re welcome.
  5. Marshmallows. Have you ever tried building a fire in the same vicinity as children without giant, fluffy marshmallows on hand? I didn’t think so.
  6. Love. We live on love. We cook with love. It’s the number one secret ingredient in everything Grandma has ever made. So, why can’t we camp with it too?

What are your MUSTS for camping?

xo | Brooke

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