You live and you learn, right? Well, I’ve learned my lesson. We went off for a weekend getaway in Asheville, and somehow I left half of my luggage at home. So, in light of my ridiculous mistakes, I leave you 3 things to ALWAYS pack for a weekend getaway…

1. Shoes
2. Shirts
3. Hair Dryer

Now you’re asking yourselves, how does a normal person even leave her house without those things? Precisely. Apparently, I’m not normal. Never have been. Never will be.

As usual, I packed everything last minute. That typically works out fine. But, I was trying to be a sweet wife and share a suitcase with the hubs. So, I left all my stuff upstairs to toss an extra few things in when he was finished. When we were leaving, he, being all gentlemanly and such, just brought the luggage downstairs and it never occurred to me to go back up and check. So, we drove to Asheville for a nice relaxing, weekend getaway, only for me to wake up and realize the next morning that I left a majority of my luggage at home.

I had the ballet flats that were on my feet, my pjs and a few basic necessities, and one pair of jeans in my suitcase. I may or may not have thrown myself to the floor laughing when I discovered this absolute absurdity. So, I declared we were officially not going anywhere fancy and commenced to getting ready and left our Airbnb in one of Brian’s XL tshirts (and his cardi), trying my best to make it look stylish with my mustard colored scarf.

Looking fly in Brian’s sweet threads, I managed to find a $5 shirt at H&M and a cute pair of shoes from Honeypot to wear the next day. PRAISE HIM!


UM, side note…It had also snowed the night before. Snow, you guys. MY POOR, FREEZING FEET. Countless cups of coffee were consumed. Shocker.

Folks, the moral of this story is…roll with it. And always pack extra clothes.

xo | Brooke

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