You guys, there are so many things to do in Asheville. We were only there for a weekend. And it was Valentine’s weekend. And it was freezing cold. So, naturally, I tried to stay inside as much as possible. I’ve combined my top 5 favorite things about Asheville, because I love you. Now, most of them revolve around food and drink…because inside. DON’T JUDGE ME, OK?! LET ME LIVE MY LIFE. But, even if you’re only in Asheville for a day, you can totally handle this…

1. Breakfast at Tupelo Honey Cafe. Saturday morning brunch is what’s up. This place was packed. I mean, folks were willing to wait outside in the 20 degree cold for a taste of Tupelo. But, you guys. So tasty. I ordered coffee (shocker) and some sort of crazy ridiculous southern grits bowl with goat cheese and black-eyed peas (I KNOW RIGHT?!). Before your meal they bring you a piping hot biscuit with some sort of blueberry spread straight from heaven and…you guessed it…Tupelo honey. Just give me a cup of coffee and a basket of biscuits, please. I don’t need to see the menu.

Things do in Asheville

2. Lunch (or dinner or a snack or SOMETHING) at Farm Burger. We hadn’t planned on stopping by, it was just freezing outside and we stumbled in, out of the cold, one evening. I didn’t hate it. Not even in the least. This, my friends, is magical goodness. Sweet potato hush puppies with apple butter. Have mercy! I am already trying to figure out how to Paleofy and replicate this recipe at home.

Things do in Asheville

3. When you need a coffee break (and you most certainly will), you absolutely MUST stop in at the iconic Double D’s Coffee. It’s a double-decker bus turned coffee shop. How could you not check it out?! The downstairs portion is where you order and the barista makes all the goodness. A few steps up a little winding staircase, you’ll find booth seating, where you can sit and sip and people-watch.

Things to do Asheville

Shameless self-timer selfie. I mean, just look at the impeccable quality of this photo. (WHAT EVEN IS HE LOOKING AT?!)Things to do AshevilleThings to do Asheville

4. I know it seems like all we did in Asheville was eat, but there are plenty of other things to take up your time. And money. A quick stop for some sweet threads at Honeypot Vintage is always a good option. I mean, there was no way I was making it out of the store without these shoes. And if one vintage stop isn’t enough to get your fix, there are a few others all on the same street (Lexington), within walking distance.Things to do Asheville

5. All the food and shopping and coffee can really wear a girl out. Urban Orchard Cider was the perfect spot to wind down and warm up and get our drink on. If you want a little something to eat with all that cider, get the Ruben. I mean. I have no words. I hate swiss cheese and sour kraut and corned beef. But somehow, all of those ingredients combined have some sort of Captain Planet effect and it’s like a party in my mouth. Possibly one of the top 5 sandwiches of my life. And incase you’re wondering, Dry Ridge was my fave.Things to do Asheville

Have you been to any of these spots in Asheville? Tell me all about it!

xo | Brooke

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