Folks these days have hashtags for their weddings and parties and family reunions. So, why can’t you make a hashtag for your next vacation or road trip? I mean, there are no rules on hashtags. You make your own rules. It’s 2016. You do what you want.

As if just living life isn’t reason enough, here’s my ridiculous opinion with 5 real reasons you need a hashtag for your next trip…

  1. It’s organization for the un-organized. You’re going on a trip with your spouse or sister or friend. You’ll all take tons of photos that will inevitably go straight to Instagram. If you’re all using the same hashtag, everything is in one place and SO freakin’ organized.
  2. You’re telling a story about your trip and you want to let your friends know that the fishing trip you went on was real and the big bass you’re talking about really was THIS BIG. Just type in your nifty hashtag and show that sucker off. BOOM.
  3. Make it easier on your family trying to keep up with your trip. They’re babysitting your 3 dogs and they desperately miss you while you’re gone. Now, they can see your coffee photos and your sister’s feet selfies all in one place. Lucky them.
  4. You’re already making it easier for your family and friends to stalk you. Let’s take it a step further and make it easier on your haters. I mean, they work so hard. They really do. All that hatin’ gets exhausting. Kill them with kindness and let them do all their hatin’ in one place.
  5. It’s just fun. The first four reasons are completely irrelevant. It’s 2016. YOU DO YOU. Don’t even act like you need an excuse.

Party on, party people!

xo | Brooke

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