We’ve had a few too many snow days this past week, so I sat the little villagers down and asked them a few questions about Disney in hopes to give you beautiful readers a few tips before your next trip.

So, on the off chance you woke up this morning and thought you could really use some Disney advice from an 8 year old

Do ALL THE THINGS at Hollywood Studios. Especially the Rockin’ Roller Coaster.
Beware of Darth Vader. “He breathes so hard.”
Space Mountain. Over and over. Ride it first. And often.
Don’t get on the “slowest ride ever.” (I’ll give you one guess what that is.)
Disney only needs 46 more parks to be at its’ prime.
Belle is the prettiest princess. Not because she has brown hair like me, apparently. Ugh. Whatevs.
“Just be prepared, parents…of the crazy children who want to do whatever they want to do.”

And a 5 year old…

The best rides are, by far, “the teacups…and the one with the big mountain but not with the water and the log. The one where we only went down.” (Spoiler alert: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad)
Also, the teacups are apparently classified as a roller coaster.
Elsa is the Queen of all.
No one can trump Elsa.
So, don’t even try.
This 5 year old is patient, she doesn’t complain, she’s not scared of Darth Vader, and she’s still learning what advice means. Along with honesty and humility.

All the laughs.

xo | Brooke

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