Every now and then when I’m editing or browsing through some of my photographs, I find myself smiling. Not just smiling and passing. But stopping and staring, enjoying, savoring, remembering the moment. That happened to me this morning. 

These photographs tell a story. They tell a story of when we were hot and exhausted and this (very savvy) fellow and his bright red Parrot friend approached us on Duval Street. And, you guys, sometimes when you’re hot and exhausted, you end up doing random touristy things that you just can’t control. Like, hanging out with a guy and his parrot on the sidewalk, for instance. So, we may or may not have ended up paying the Parrot Captain much more than we had planned. But, this gentlemen did something extraordinary (He was also hilarious). He successfully created a space for us to laugh, experience new things, and make memories. He invited us into a place where we could forget about the heat, create a memory together, and explore joy. That’s part of what we want out of life, right? We want laughter. We want fun. We want moments to remember.

And this moment right here (below). This is what it’s all about. Look into Jet’s eyes the very moment he gets the news there will most certainly be a Parrot on his head. No prompting. No fake smiles. No hey-look-this-way! Raw and real. Joy. Pure joy.

Live life unposed, unplanned. Live life extraordinary.

xo | Brooke

CO0A4554That guy behind Jet tho 🙂CO0A4557 CO0A4561 CO0A4539 CO0A4541

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