Sometimes life is JUST PLAIN CRAZY. And that time is now. This past month. Soccer games and ballet and swim lessons and emails and scheduling and editing and deadlines and appointments and broken cars and yard work and dishes and dinner and laundry. And just LIFE. You see the smiles and frappuccinos and candy and balloons on Instagram. But, there’s also this. The dirty kitchen. The dishes I haven’t had time to wash. And the breakfast I didn’t even attempt to cook just because I didn’t have clean dishes.

Life gets overwhelming sometimes. Ridiculously overwhelming.

We do things that don’t matter to impress people we don’t know. We care too much about stuff that isn’t important. And we care too little about the stuff that really matters. We are grasping at the heels of the Joneses, all the while telling ourselves we’re different. We worry ourselves with opinions and comparisons. We hold on to the past. We let fear and doubt run our lives.

I give up on trying to keep up.

 So, here’s to simplifying. To really living life.

This beautiful messy life.


xo | Brooke

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