He begins digging in the soil.

Dirt under his nails.

Sweat on his brow.

He digs deeper.

Deep enough for life to flourish.

Deep enough for roots to settle in.

The soil is rich.

He gently, gracefully lays a seed down into the soil.

Dirt still under his nails, He buries the the seed,

completely covering all it once was.

The roots take hold underneath the surface.

Changes are taking place.

Changes we cannot yet see.

A sprout forms.

The tiniest leaf of green above the surface of the soil.

Water. Care. Sun. Grace.

The growth continues.

The work of the Gardener is consistent.

The dirt and the sweat give way to beauty.

A plant. A flower. A tree.

Flourishing and beautiful and righteous.

Full of splendor.

For His glory. For His joy.

The Gardener’s hands are blistered and tired.

But, it is good.

His work is good.

xo | Brooke

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