This is my favorite family portrait from yesterday.

No fancy dresses, bowties, or curly hair.

No awkward poses or forced smiles.

Ok, I take that back.

Lots of awkward poses. Awkward poses for days.

Just tired legs, full hearts, and happy faces.

We hiked up Wildcat Mountain in hopes of relaxing and watching an Easter sunset. As we have learned before and know very well, we can’t control the weather (among many other things). We ended up with some frigid temps and cloudy skies and no sunset to speak of. But, that’s ok. That’s life. Things don’t always turn out like we plan. And so many things are far beyond our control. Life is what we make of it. And if joy is to be my way of living, I must make a conscious effort to see the good in all things. To see Him in all things.

When the sun is shining bright. When the rain is falling hard.

In every rainbow. In every mountain. In every tree. In every wave.

The beauty of creation shouts His name.


Do you have a special place you like to go to relax and find peace or just explore?

xo | Brooke

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