Can we just talk about how fast this boy is growing and how ridiculous that is? I mean, pure RIDICULOUS.

Let’s also talk about the fact that I’m the mom who showed up to the soccer field with a lens the size of Texas. You guys, I was basically walking around with a large toddler strapped to my camera. But only just this once. Last season I never even brought Marky Mark along. This season, he (said camera) likely won’t join me again. For the most part, I like to watch and enjoy the games out from behind my lens. I like to shout and cheer and chat with my friends. I like to give my boy high-fives. And occasionally, I have to keep track of a certain rambunctious four year old. I love to capture moments, but I love to be in moments. As much as the photographs I take tell a story, the life I choose to live tells a story even greater. Even more memorable. Even more meaningful.

Ultimately, I take photographs to have something tangible to jolt my heart and re-live the moments and remember the joy. Because joy is a way of living. That, I’m learning every day.

All the action. You know, folks on the ground and such.

Why do you take pictures? To hold a piece of history? Emotional value? Just because it’s fun?

xo | Brooke


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  • Tleshia Farrar
    April 3, 2015 2:28 pm

    I take pictures for all of the above!!!! Photographs are like music to me, they move me! Our fily’s mantra is Choose Joy no matter what! Some days are easier to choose joy than others! I let Jesus, photos, and music fill in the gaps! After this particularly hard Winter, I’ve enjoyed shooting God’s greatness in this Spring he has given me!!!! Thank you Brooke for sharing your heart with us!


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