Our Texas adventures eventually led us into New Mexico, a land with a beauty all its’ own.

New Mexico is where we walked under the earth. Below the surface of all we’ve ever known. The greatest Artist who has ever been has made the things under our surface just as beautiful and intricate as the outside world where we live and love. Our time spent in Carlsbad Caverns was breathtaking. I saw with my own eyes things that I had previously only seen in photographs (some pretty legit Ansel Adams photographs, at that). I took a few photographs of my own. But, not too many. I was busy taking it all in. And enjoying the time with my family. You know, making sure the 3 year old doesn’t touch everything and attempting to answer the 7 year old’s questions. Who am I kidding, I passed all the science questions off to Brian. WHAT.






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After our beautiful adventures at Carlsbad Caverns, we continued West, and drove over to Bluewater Lake State Park. On that trek, our trusty map may or may not have taken us down two different dirt roads, both of which led to absolutely nowhere. But, by the grace of sweet baby Jesus, amidst an impending thunder storm, we found our way. We got our tent set up and organized right at dark. And as soon as we dozed off, we experienced what I can only describe as starring in Twister, except it’s freaking real life. Wind. Rain. Lightning. Thunder. WIND. No phone service. No weather radio. WIND. The sides of the tent were blowing inward. We could barely hear one another talk. My entire body was shaking. All the while, little Jet was snoring. WHAT? I mean, how do you not hear all the ruckus? You guys, I thought our little family tent was surely going to be swirling around in the air just like the cow scene in Twister. I prayed. Oh, did I pray. I am only here to blog about it today, because obviously we made it out alive. But, I’m completely certain that this night in New Mexico will go down in history as the scariest night of that summer (possibly my life). After the scary, stormy, darkness, morning came. Just as it always does. And with it, came sunshine. And coffee. Can I get a Hallelujah!

I brought enough of our local Jumpin’ Goat coffee along with me to last our entire trip. And it was glorious. (Thanks again for that press, sweet Penlands!)

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This is what our typical morning outside of the tent looked like. On this particular morning, we were rejoicing with a thank-God-we-didn’t-die meal of bacon and eggs.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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This little boy wanted to fish so bad at Bluewater Lake (and many other stops along the way). But, we didn’t have room to pack a fishing pole on our journey, so he improvised. He saved a piece of his bacon from breakfast, wrapped it around a stick and got busy. I am sad to report that no fish were caught in this attempt. However, it was quite funny to watch.

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New Mexico was filled with surprises and beauty, fear and elation. It was filled with memories made. So many times on this crazy, beautiful, epic roadtrip out West, I said to Brian, “How can anyone see the things we’re seeing and experience the things we’re experiencing and doubt a Creator’s existence?” The beauty is all around us. We just have to stop long enough to take it all in.

xo | Brooke

Be kind. Love big. Choose Hope.

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