is it too late to talk about Christmas? too soon? i’m sure i’m breaking all kinds of rules here, but that’s how i roll. i’m such a rebel.

one of our yearly Christmas traditions is cutting down our Christmas tree together. this past Christmas was our third year in a row of driving up to Southern Tree Plantation in Blairsville to pick out the perfect gem to adorn our living room. the kids really dig it. there’s obviously some good hill-rolling to be done. and Jet looks forward to the one time a year we actually let him hold a saw.

we walk the rolling hills, measuring and browsing. and when we find the perfect one, the boys get to work. Elle is most comfortable supervising, and Jet likes to saw until he starts to sweat, then we all just stand back and leave the rest to Brian. he’s pretty manly. i mean, that beard is pure magic.

when Christmas rolls around again, just think back to that random Christmas blog you ready in January and drive through the mountains to Southern Tree Plantation for some good times and good tree gettin’.

ps: i know about recycling trees, but i’ve also heard about re-planting them. anyone know if that’s possible?

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