Oh, birthdays! We do birthdays a little different ’round here. Birthdays are a big deal. They’re a huge deal. So, we party hard. And by party hard, I mean we go on adventures and do special activities as a family, then ultimately end up munching on some cake with just a few close friends/family members. Elle’s birthday is right before Christmas and Jet’s birthday is in the middle of Summer, so huge birthday parties just don’t make sense for us. I mean, I’ve been there, done that. It makes me a crazy person. There’s so much pressure to make the perfect party favors and have the perfect party games and entertain people. I end up not even spending time with my littles, because i’m so busy trying to impress other people…and it’s not even their birthday! So, now you know. (small disclaimer: I’m totally not a birthday Scrooge. I don’t hate parties. It’s just not for our family for this season of our lives…now, on the the cuteness!)

Our little Elle had a birthday just before Christmas. We celebrated as usual with a few friends and a simple Rapunzel cake. And by simple, well…it’s pretty obvious how simple it was. But, she loved it. I call that a win.

Elle is three now. She is stubborn and sweet. She is independent and nurturing. She will get attention any way she can. She is brave. She likes the color pink. She is outgoing. She is confident. She is loving. She’s the best funny face-maker I know. She likes to dance. She gives the best hugs. She loves the outdoors. Sometimes she yells at her brother. But most days, it seems like he’s the person she loves most in the world. When she cries, the world crumbles. When she smiles, it’s all pieced back together as quickly as it fell apart. She loves big.

My dear sweet Elle, Be strong & courageous…for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. // Joshua 1:9










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