last night i went on a date with my five year old. he pretty much rocks. i mean, he grows more every single day. literally, some days he wakes up and i swear he’s gotten taller just since going to sleep the night before. i don’t ever want to forget his little five year old smiles, his silly faces and the cute squints his eyes make when he gets really excited. i want to remember his first time jogging a mile, listening to him order his own food and watching him sip expensive hot chocolate.

of course, as an artist & photojournalist, i want to document all of these things so that one day these pictures will trigger my memory and bring me back in time when i’m feeling sappy the day Jet starts high school. but, the reality of the situation is that i don’t bring my trusty Canon with me every where i go. let’s be real, it’s just not convenient for me to whip that baby out in the middle of a Starbucks and start squatting on the floor to get the perfect angle of the hot chocolate dripping from Jet’s chin. i don’t have time to start setting up softboxes and switching lenses. the moment’s gone. i’ve got to do what i can with what i have. and when the kids and i are just going about our day, more often than not, what i have is my iPhone. i make art from moments. and real moments only happen once. so, thanks to my little piece of technology, our afternoon of jogging, swinging, burger eating, and coffee drinking will not soon be forgotten.

as an artist, i know these iPhone photos aren’t my best work.
my kids…they’re my best work. by far.


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