so, here’s the thing. the buffs have had a crazy busy summer. fall is fast approaching, jet has started kindergarten (don’t worry, there is sure to be a tear-jerking post in the near future), and we’re kind of back in our normal routine. now that i actually have a little more time to work on some personal stuff in between glorious weddings, i’ll be filling you in on our summer fun: vacation, family photos, birthdays, kindergarten. you know, funness. yes, funness. don’t hate.

we are blessed/lucky/fortunate enough to have met some pretty fabulous folks since moving to these north georgia mountains. katie is one of those people (along with her super cool hubs, of course). she’s cute and smart and funny and she’s totally into star wars. she’s also a wife, a brand new mom, and an amazing photographer.

here comes the jaw dropper. this is our first legit family photo session since elle has been born. #momoftheyear, i know. of course i have thousands millions pictures of my kids together and separately and at all the right times in their lives. but none of us all together. none. so, with a just-turned-5 year old and a 19 month old with no nap (i KNOW. i totally know the rules: nap and full belly. it’s like a commandment. i still can’t believe myself. katie is a saint. a pure saint.) we set out to conquer the world. or at least get a few photos in before simultaneous meltdowns occurred. mission accomplished. the meltdowns. and stellar photos.

thanks, Katie Rivers. you da best!






















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