This is where all the talking and the speaking and the teaching and the gabbing comes in. All in 3 minutes or less (because that’s Mama’s time on the potty, AMIRITE?!) on the youtuber, of course.


The writing and the feeling and the sharing of all the heart things happens right here, in Brooke’s upcoming release, “Ridiculousness: A Guide to Everything from an Expert on Nothing.”


And by perspiration, I obviously mean sweat. Yoga sweat. It’s the very best kind. And it’s in Clarkesville, Georgia. (And also on the Youtube for all you non-locals with internet access around the world.)

Brooke is a writer and an encourager and a bona fide yogi. She’s a self-proclaimed coffee connessieur, a baker of healthy-ish goods, and a creator of ridiculousness who’s settled down with her family (of approximately 5,293) in the North Georgia mountains, where the fall air is crisp and the scarf-wearing is…well, abundant and glorious.

Over mountains and through valleys, trudging through the darkest of nights and dancing through the brightest of days, Brooke Buffington is an adventurer, a hope speaker, a light bringer, a peace seeker – a joy explorer – spreading a message of love and life and encouragement, challenging YOU to embrace your own story and live a radically intentional life.

Skills. Because Brooke’s level of ridiculous is off the charts.

thinking things & writing words
persuading small humans to eat green vegetables
making coffee before drinking coffee
convincing grown up humans that downdog is a resting pose

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